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A list of company types available for company search.

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The Company Types endpoint in the jobdata API serves as a resource for identifying and categorizing companies based on their type, such as public, private, nonprofit, or educational. This categorization is instrumental for users aiming to filter job listings or company searches according to the nature of the organization's ownership or operational model. It enables a more tailored approach to job searches, company research, and market analysis by offering insights into the structural makeup of companies listed within the jobdata API database.

Endpoint Overview

Endpoint (list): /api/companytypes/

Endpoint (single element): /api/companytypes/{id}/

Method: GET

Authorization Required: Yes

Description: This endpoint provides a list of all company types available within the jobdata API database. It is designed to help users understand the various categories of companies, such as public, private, governmental, or nonprofit, facilitating more nuanced searches and analyses.


Accessing the Company Types endpoint requires an API key for authorization. Below are examples demonstrating how to make a request to this endpoint using curl and Python.

Using curl

curl -X GET "" \
     -H "Authorization: Api-Key YOUR_API_KEY"

Using Python

import requests

url = ""
headers = {"Authorization": "Api-Key YOUR_API_KEY"}
response = requests.get(url, headers=headers)

Replace YOUR_API_KEY with your actual jobdata API key in the authorization header to authenticate your request.


This endpoint does not require any query parameters. The sole requirement for accessing the data is the authorization header with a valid API key.


Upon a successful request, the endpoint returns a JSON object containing an array of company types. Each entry in the array consists of a unique identifier (id) and a name (name) that describes the type of company.

Example Response

  {"id":2,"name":"Government Agency"},
  {"id":1,"name":"Privately Held"},
  {"id":4,"name":"Public Company"},

Use Cases

  • Job Search Platforms: Facilitate users in filtering job listings by company type, enabling them to apply to companies that align with their preferred organizational structure or values.
  • Market Researchers: Provide a means for analysts to segment and analyze job market trends based on the type of companies hiring, aiding in comprehensive market analysis.
  • Business Development: Assist professionals in identifying potential partners or investment opportunities by filtering companies according to their operational or ownership model.
  • Competitive Analysis: Enable companies to perform competitive analysis by understanding the landscape of other organizations within the same or different company types.


  • An API key is required to access this endpoint. Ensure you have a valid API key included in the authorization header of your request.

This documentation section offers a detailed guide on interacting with the Company Types endpoint, equipping developers, researchers, and business professionals with the knowledge to effectively utilize this data in their applications, analyses, and strategic planning.

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