jobdata API Documentation

Get started with our simple jobdata API and be ready to fetch live jobs within minutes.

OpenAPI Schema + Redoc/Swagger UI

You can find the schema documentation in OpenAPI 3.0 format as well as a basic interactive Redoc and Swagger UI below:

To generate API client libraries, documentation and configuration automatically from the OpenAPI schema you might want to check out OpenAPI Generator

Endpoint Documentation

To access this endpoint without rate limits, you need to include the Authorization header with the value Api-Key YOUR_API_KEY, where YOUR_API_KEY should be replaced with your actual API key. For quick testing you can also add your API key via the api_key GET parameter to every request - just make sure you don't leave traces of it in your browser history for example or simply create a new API key afterwards.

You can generate an API key from your dashboard if you're a subscribed customer. If you haven't subscribed yet please check our pricing page and hit Subscribe now on the plan that best suits your needs.

Currently there are two plans available for subscription, the access and the access pro plan. When a feature or endpoint requires the pro plan it will be indicated by showing an access pro badge next to it.


The following is a comprehensive list of documentation pages for every API endpoint:

Note that these docs are primarily prepared for a better overview and introduction to the API and its features. Always cross-check paramters and response formats with the API Schema file or Redoc version of it for implementation.

Also check out our tutorials section for quick guides on how to get started with the jobdata API and various tools and products.

Job Data Feed Examples by Topic

Job Data Feed Examples by Country