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Backfill your job board with our fast & simple API and access job post data in JSON format from thousands of companies hiring in the tech space across many different industries. - Simple Job Data API | Product Hunt


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Fill your job board with fresh jobs within minutes

There's no need to rely on bad or outdated content from mediocre job sites, building scrapers or even manually curate jobs from the web.

You want to attract an audience in your niche or industry for your new or already established job board? Get the backfill you need with just a few API calls.

We aggregate job listings from different ATS and HR software providers and put them together into one simple data feed.

One simple API endpoint

Access hundreds of thousands of jobs behind just one endpoint

Reliable JSON format

Avoid parsing hell and irregularities with our clean, simple and streamlined job data format.

Tech & knowledge worker jobs

Get access to jobs of thousands of tech companies globally.

30% of jobs are remote

Get remote job listings for dozens of countries on all continents.

Example request

curl -X GET -H "Authorization: Api-Key YOUR_API_KEY"

Feature Highlights

Fast implementation

Subscribe, and be ready to go within minutes to get your site populated with exactly the listings you need.

Unlimited access

With a subscription you get unlimited API access to fetch as many posts as you like.

No scraping

Job listings aren't scraped but instead come directly from the companies' ATS and career platforms.

ATS apply links

Provide apply links that lead directly to a companies ATS or website, no redirects to other job platforms.

Quality content

Job posts go through quality filters to ensure only valid and relevant ads are imported into our database.

Company info

Every job ad contains the hiring company's name, logo, website and often social media links.

No backlinks required

You don't need to backlink to anther job site or mention publicly where the data came from.

Daily updates

Thousands of fresh job posts come in and are being processed on a daily basis.

The Benefits of Backfilling Job Data for Job Boards

If you've ever searched for a job online, chances are you've come across various job boards that aggregate employment opportunities from different sources. These platforms serve as valuable resources for job seekers, providing a centralized location to browse and apply for positions. But have you ever wondered how these job boards manage to gather and display such a vast array of job listings? The answer lies in a process called backfilling job data.

What is Backfilling Job Data?

Backfilling job data refers to the practice of supplementing a job board's existing job listings with additional postings from external sources. Job boards often partner with data providers to expand their inventory and provide a more comprehensive selection of opportunities to their users.

The process involves integrating the backfill data into the job board's existing database, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates with the platform's search and display functionalities. This way, users can access a wide range of job postings, increasing their chances of finding relevant opportunities.

The Benefits of Backfilling Job Data

1. Increased Job Inventory

Backfilling job data significantly increases the number of job listings available on a job board by accessing a vast pool of job postings from various industries, locations, and companies. This expanded inventory not only enhances the user experience but also attracts more job seekers to the platform, ultimately benefiting both employers and candidates.

2. Improved User Engagement

When job seekers visit a job board, they expect to find a plethora of relevant opportunities. By backfilling job data, job boards can ensure that their users have access to a comprehensive selection of job listings. This enhanced user experience leads to increased engagement, as job seekers spend more time exploring the platform and interacting with the available job postings.

3. Enhanced Search Functionality

Backfilling job data allows job boards to improve their search functionality by incorporating a wider range of search criteria. With a larger inventory of job listings, users can filter and refine their searches based on specific requirements, such as location, industry, salary range, and job type. This level of granularity empowers job seekers to find the most relevant positions quickly and efficiently.

4. Competitive Advantage

In today's competitive job market, job boards need to differentiate themselves from the countless platforms available. By backfilling job data, they can offer a more extensive range of job listings than their competitors, making their platform a go-to destination for job seekers. This competitive advantage attracts more users and increases the likelihood of employers choosing to post their job openings on the platform, creating a virtuous cycle that benefits all stakeholders.

Common Use Cases for Backfilling Job Data

Now that we understand the benefits of backfilling job data, let's explore some common use cases where this process is particularly advantageous:

1. Niche Job Boards

Niche job boards focus on specific industries, professions, or geographic areas. While these platforms serve a targeted audience, they often struggle to gather a sufficient number of job listings to meet their users' needs. By backfilling job data, niche job boards can supplement their existing listings with a broader range of opportunities, providing more value to their users.

2. Start-up Job Boards

Start-up job boards face the challenge of establishing themselves as credible platforms and attracting both job seekers and employers. By partnering with data providers like jobdata API, start-up job boards can quickly populate their platforms with a substantial number of job listings. This not only helps them gain traction but also enhances their reputation by offering a diverse range of opportunities from reputable companies.

3. Global Job Boards

Job boards catering to a global audience often struggle with the complexity of aggregating job listings from multiple countries and regions. Backfilling with our job data allows them to tap into a vast database of international job postings, ensuring that their users have access to opportunities from around the world. This widens their reach, attracts a diverse user base, and positions them as valuable resources for international job seekers.

Enhancing Job Inventory, User Engagement, and Search Functionality

In conclusion, backfilling job data offers numerous benefits for job boards. It increases job inventory, improves user engagement, enhances search functionality, and provides a competitive advantage.

With our jobdata API job boards can ensure a seamless integration of backfill data, making their platforms more valuable for both job seekers and employers. Whether it's a niche job board, a start-up platform, or a global aggregator, backfilling job data is a valuable tool that helps job boards thrive in the competitive landscape of online job searching.

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