Job Regions API Endpoint Documentation

A list of regions available for job search.

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The Job Regions endpoint allows users to retrieve a list of regions available within the jobdata API database. This endpoint is particularly useful for filtering job listings by geographic regions, enabling users to focus their job search on specific areas of interest.

Endpoint Overview

Endpoint (list): /api/jobregions/

Endpoint (single element): /api/jobregions/{id}/

Method: GET

Authorization Required: Yes

Description: This endpoint provides access to a comprehensive list of regions where job postings are available. Users can use this data to narrow down job searches based on specific geographic regions.


To make a request to the Job Regions endpoint, users must include an authorization header with their API key. Below are examples of how to make requests using curl and Python.

Using curl

curl -X GET "" \
     -H "Authorization: Api-Key YOUR_API_KEY"

Using Python

import requests

url = ""
headers = {"Authorization": "Api-Key YOUR_API_KEY"}
response = requests.get(url, headers=headers)


This endpoint does not require any query parameters. The only requirement is the inclusion of the authorization header with the API key.


The response from the Job Regions endpoint is a JSON object containing an array of regions. Each region is represented by a unique identifier and a name describing the geographic area.

Example Response

  {"id":1,"name":"North America"},
  {"id":4,"name":"South America"},

Use Cases

  • Geographic Job Search: Job seekers can use the regions data to filter job listings by specific geographic areas, helping them find opportunities in preferred locations.
  • Regional Recruitment: Employers and recruiters can target job postings to specific regions based on their hiring needs and preferences, ensuring they attract candidates from desired locations.
  • Market Analysis: Researchers and analysts can analyze job market trends and dynamics within different regions, providing insights into regional employment patterns and opportunities.


  • Replace YOUR_API_KEY with your actual jobdata API key in the header when making requests.

This section provides comprehensive guidance on interacting with the Job Regions endpoint, facilitating effective utilization of geographic data for job searches, recruitment, and market analysis purposes.

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