Added company open/total job counts + filters v3.34 / API version 1.5.5

1 min read · June 8, 2024

The /api/companies/ endpoint now has two new data attributes and filter parameters that allow for determining the number of currently open and total jobs that belong to a particular company object.

Here's an example query to find all companies that currently have more than 50 open positions (remember: we're tracking if a job is still open or not on a daily basis):

An example result set would look like this:

      "10x Genomics",
      "info_description":"Cells are the basic unit of life. They power everything we do, and unlocking their secrets is the key to advancing our knowledge of every facet of biology, from development to disease. Our single cell, spatial, and in situ tools enable researchers to answer pressing questions about cells and their functional contributions to oncology, immunology, neuroscience, and much more—as evidenced by more than 5,500 publications citing our technology. We are dedicated to building the best products, delivering the best customer experience, and creating the best team to fuel new scientific discovery, no matter how challenging. And we won’t stop until all of the cells’ secrets are revealed.",
      "info_hq":"Pleasanton, California",
          "name":"Biotechnology Research"
          "name":"Public Company"

The new data attributes on each company are num_jobs_open and num_jobs_total representing the number of open and total jobs respectively.

Keep in mind that all this data is in constant change and that these job count numbers are being updated in the database every two hours.

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