Simple Job Data API

Backfill your job board or gather insights into the hiring market with our fast & simple API - access job post data in JSON format from thousands of companies hiring across many different industries.


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Fill your job board with fresh jobs within minutes

There's no need to rely on bad or outdated content from mediocre job sites, building scrapers or even manually curate jobs from the web.

You want to attract an audience in your niche or industry for your new or already established job board? Get the backfill you need with just a few API calls.

We aggregate job listings from different ATS and HR software providers and put them together into one simple data feed.

One simple jobs API endpoint

Access millions of jobs published since July 2022 behind just one endpoint

Reliable JSON format

Avoid parsing hell and irregularities with our clean, simple and streamlined job data format.

Tech & knowledge worker jobs

Get access to jobs from thousands of tech companies and startups globally.

15% of jobs are remote or hybrid

Hundreds of thousands of remote job listings in many countries all around the globe.

Example request

curl -X GET -H "Authorization: Api-Key YOUR_API_KEY"

Feature Highlights

Fast implementation

Subscribe and be ready to go within minutes and get exactly all the listings you need.

Unlimited access

With a subscription you get unlimited API access to fetch as many job posts as you like. No hourly rate limits.

No web scraping

Job listings aren't scraped from around the web or other job sites but come right from the source, i.e. companies' ATS and career sites.

Direct ATS apply links

Provide apply links that lead directly to a companies ATS or website, no redirects to other job platforms.

Quality content

Job posts go through quality filters to ensure only valid and relevant ads are imported into our database.

Company info

Every job ad contains the hiring company's name, logo, website and often social media links.

No backlinks required

You don't need to backlink to anther job site or mention publicly where the data came from.

Daily updates

Thousands of fresh job posts come in and are being processed on a daily basis.

Expired jobs info

Get to know when jobs expire so you or your users don't have to deal with outdated listings.
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Full-text search for job posts

Search for keywords or phrases in millions of job descriptions.
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Company filters for jobs

Narrow down your job feed by using advanced filters related to extended company info.
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Full data CSV file downloads

Kickstart your jobboard or research project by downloading job data all at once in CSV format.
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